Performance Engineered Interconnection and
Enclosures delivered worldwide by CamdenBoss

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Multi-Purpose & Potting Boxes

  1. Lugged Cable Entry Boxes

    Lugged Cable Entry Boxes
    • High Impact ABS Potting box
    • Lugged cable entry enclosure
    • Press fit, Flush fitting lid
  2. Multi-purpose ULV0 Boxes

    Multi-purpose ULV0 Boxes
    • UL94 V0 ABS enclosures
    • 6 Sizes with PCB Guides
    • Snap Fit or Screw Fix Versions
  3. Compartment Cases

    Compartment Cases
    • 18 Compartments
    • Clear Hinged Cover
    • High Impact Polystyrene
  1. Open Top Potting Boxes

    Open Top Potting Boxes
    • High impact ABS enclosure
    • Encapsulate Components
    • open top potting box
  2. Small ABS HB Boxes with Lid

    Small ABS HB Boxes with Lid
    • ABS Potting Box with UL94-HB Lid
    • Protect components in this enclosure
    • Lap Joint Construction
  3. Small ABS V0 Boxes with Lid

    Small ABS V0 Boxes with Lid
    • ABS Potting Box with UL94-V0 Lid 
    • Enclose and protect components
    • Lap Joint Construction
  1. Small Flanged ABS Boxes

    Small Flanged ABS Boxes
    • Flanged, mountable ABS enclosure
    • Bottom Cover Intrudes in Box
    • Enclose and protect components