Performance Engineered Interconnection and
Enclosures delivered worldwide by CamdenBoss

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  1. X Series Vents

    X Series Vents

    Vents in 2 sizes for heat extraction
    The vent is IP54 rated and includes gasket

  2. X8 Series Dual Door

    X8 Series Dual Door

    Dual door avaliable for some sizes
    Easy to assemble, sturdy construction

  3. X Series Mount Brackets

    X Series Mount Brackets

    Brackets to mount each enclosure to any surface/wall

  1. X8 Series Intergral Locks

    X8 Series Intergral Locks

    One or two locks can be fitted, depending on security level required

  2. X Series Mounting Plates

    X Series Mounting Plates

    Mounting plates for each enclosure available