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Flanged Base Enclosures

Flanged Base Enclosures manufactured to custom sizes to fit your PCB or components.

No Design Charges - No Tooling


  • Flanged Base Enclosure Snap Together Construction
  • Four Part End Panel Design
  • Manufactured to size specification
  • Various material colour and specification options
  • Manufactured to order


  • Manufactured in HIPS, ABS, Polycarbonate
  • HIPS can be UL94-VO (self extinguishing)
  • CNC Milling ( holes, cut-outs, vents, pockets, pillars, windows)
  • Screen Printing/Membranes/Overlays

Ordering Information:

  • Simply provide your internal dimensions for a free quotation
  1. 7560 Series - Flanged Base Enclosures

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      Length Depth Width Height PDF DWG
    156.00 62.00 24.00 PDF DWG Find Stockist
    102.00 56.00 32.00 PDF DWG Find Stockist
    136.00 108.00 36.00 PDF DWG Find Stockist
    200.00 128.00 70.00 PDF DWG Find Stockist
    220.00 140.00 31.00 PDF DWG Find Stockist

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