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Battery Balancer

When charging two or more batteries in series one can become under-charged and one over-charged.
This imbalance is self-perpetual and shortens battery life due to drying out and sulphating.
The CEQ is an electronic device which measures and equalises the charging voltage within 0.1V, ensuring balanced charging.
The device uses a bridge configuration which balances the voltage between batteries by shunting current from one battery (the higher voltage one) to the other (the lower voltage one) until the differential voltage is as close to zero as possible.
Unlike some other technologies the CEQ's system losses are limited to only standard semiconductor volt drops which are manifested in heat from the body of the device. Most of the current is simply shunted around between the batteries as necessary.

  • Improves performance and extends life of batteries charged in series by up to 20%
  • Can be used with two or more batteries connected in series One balancer used between each pair of batteries
  • M6 ring terminations for ease of connection, three colour coded 57mm leads
  • Dust and water sealed, suitable for damp environments
  • Ideal for electric vehicles, uninterrupted power supplies, marine applications
  1. Battery Balancer

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